About Us

Coming soon: A picture of us… but for now you’ll have to be content with words. So who are the people behind OhMuhGuh, Food! ? We’re Laura and Adrienne… two women who are closer than friends, we’re the sisters we never had (though both of us have sisters). We both have children, one of us has two boys, the other has one boy. We’re both once-divorced, and met our current husbands in massively multi-player online games ‘cuz we’re dorks – big dorks – just sayin’. We’ve both spent many years in California, though one of us has lived all over the world, and the other has spent most of her life in the western part of the United States. One of us is an amateur baker, the other is a trained chef. One of us dislikes beer with a passion, and the other is just as passionate in her love of beer. Neither of us happy about the state of most “foods” found on grocery store shelves in the States, and we work hard to find food that is actually still food – focusing more and more on real food and fewer shortcuts. Bearing that in mind, you’ll notice very few pre-prepared foods or boxed mixes making our ingredients lists – we deal with ADD and ADHD around here so we follow the Feingold program – no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners (think aspartame, saccharin, etc). Since many of the foods available on the shelves in the grocery store fall into at least one of those categories, we try to focus on foods with more raw ingredients, or at least as close as we can get them.

We met while working in the prepared foods and bakery departments of a Whole Foods Market in Colorado. While talking we realized that we had a lot in common, though not aware of the extent until the first time we went to lunch together, and ordered the same exact food for lunch, without talking about it, all the way down to substitutions… even our iced tea – black, unsweetened, extra ice, no lemon. The waitress asked if we were sisters, and whereas at the time we said no, now we answer yes, as it’s easier than trying to explain the relationship *laugh*. We share a similarity in music taste, and an absolute love of chocolate in all forms. We’ve talked in depth about opening a bakery someday, and hopefully will be able to achieve that dream. For now, we’ll share our love of food with you!


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