Wherein my neighbor is awesome

So a couple of summer back I was going to plant a square foot garden. I didn’t. Last summer my neighbor asked if all the stuff was going to go to waste, or if she could use it and simply provide me with random produce. In a rare moment of intellect I said ‘Sure!’. So last summer and this one shes dropped random bags of produce on my porch, and I try to use it, with varying degrees of success. 

Today she brought me lemon cucumbers, tomatoes, a jalapeno, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, and chocolate mint. More herbs than I can use, really, so i’ll be passing some on. But what to do with the other stuff? Well, the dinner plan was to cook a couple of lonely hotdogs and a chicken breast on the grill, so a salad works well. I cut up the tomatoes, sliced and salted the cukes as I always do for salad, chopped some parsley and basil, grated some pepper, dressed with olive oil and rice vinegar and just a pinch of sugar, and here’s what I’ve got:



It’s in the fridge thinking about what it’s done. What else do I need for a meal? 

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