I accidentally went to a farmers market today

Seriously, I was driving by and saw it and it caught me eye (and the sausage cart caught my nose) so I stopped. I totally couldn’t tell you where it was, either. I had some cash in the console, so I picked up some goodies. How friggin cute are these?



Got ’em from a patchouli-scented dude with long blond dreads who told me that biodynamic agriculture “Is, like, organic farming on steroids, man. It totally enriches the spirit of the food”. Not sure how the science works, there, but I’m sure these are good for my soul. 

Anyway, I cut the fat ones in half and boiled them all in salted water for 10 minutes while the oven heated to 450. Chilled ’em in ice water, tossed with bacon grease (Yay,  bacon grease!) savory, lovage, smoked paprika, salt, and pepper. Roasted for 15 minutes. Amazing finger food.

These little darlings aren’t the only thing I got, either. The same dirty hippy sold me a beautiful heirloom tomato, and at other stalls I got a packet of Madras curry powder, a jar of goat cheese in herbed olive oil, a loaf of bread, and 14 organic palisade peaches (last of the season, he said). Not bad for a trip I didn’t know I was going to make. Maybe I’ll report on those, too, if I’m not too busy licking the bacon grease and salt off my fingers.

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