Another Food blog?

Yeah, yeah… there are probably thousands of food blogs in the blogosphere. Well, here’s one more. This, however, is not merely a blog about recipes and food gone right – though there will be plenty of that. Nor will it be simply a blog full of beautiful pictures of mouth-wateringly gorgeous food – there will be pictures (hopefully beautiful). There will also be discussions of cookbooks and other food related books, and reviews of restaurants both good and bad. Fantastic brews from craft and indie brewers – also something we’ll talk about. Recipes that have been tried, and went wrong – yep, you’ll find them here too. This will also be the place to hear about the ugly side of food – the bad stuff in food, the stuff that doesn’t really deserve the name “food”, and more… all that will be discussed here too. Comments and discussions about what you read or see here – totally welcome. Hopefully you’ll find something here that inspires you, to cook, to explore, to comment.

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